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Station 91 Fire/Rescue is located at 67 Quakertown Road in Franklin Twp, Hunterdon County. We provide primary fire protection and rescue services to a 49-square mile area that covers all of Franklin and parts of Alexandria and Union Townships. QFC provides EMS transport and first-responder services to the residents of Franklin Twp as well. Our first-due response area is comprised of large single-family homes, light-industry and commercial business zones, farms and two private airfields.

Station 91 runs one Engine, one Squad, two Tenders, one Heavy Rescue, one Brush unit, two Basic Life Support Ambulances and numerous support vehicles. Our station consists of staffing that is volunteer.

The Quakertown Fire Company is always looking for new members. Whether or not you have experience as a firefighter/EMT and if interested, call (908) 735-5220 or stop-by the station on a Monday night. We would be happy to give you a tour and explain what the QFC is all about!!!

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QFC to host 6th Annual Oktoberfest
Saturday, October 3, 2015 
QFC will host the 6th Annual Oktoberfest sponsored by Mount Salem Electric on Saturday, October 3rd from 3pm to 9pm at the fire station.  Food, beverages and entertainment are on tap.

Foods on the menu include Oktoberfest platters, burgers, hot dogs, grilled cheese, wings and our FAMOUS ribs.  Food can be packaged to go if requested and as always, it you want to guarantee RIBS call the station or email us at BBQ@Quakertownfire.com.

Engine 91 and Tower 45 team-up for Animal Rescue
Wednesday, September 16, 2015 
This afternoon, QFC Engine 91 was summoned to Sidney School Road in Franklin Twp for a "cat in the tree". The Engine Company determined that a Tower Ladder was necessary to reach Flame the Cat and reached out to the Clinton Fire Department. Tower 45 (Clinton) responded with a full crew and set-up for the rescue. CFD Capt Dylan Desaulniers, CFD Engineer Billy Smith and QFC EMS Lt Brian Morris headed up in the Tower and were able to successfully rescue the cat from it's perch 50 feet off the ground.

Engine 91/Tower 45 working together again!

Animal Rescue and Outdoor Fire
Monday, August 31, 2015 
On Monday morning around 8:15, Rescue 91 and Car 91-2 responded to Cherryville Road and Twins Ct in Franklin Twp to assist the Police with a deer stuck in a fence. With the use of the battery-operated Rescue Tools and some comforting of the animal, the removal was quickly performed. The fawn was last seen running at a high-rate.

On Monday evening, QFC was alerted to a smoke condition on Joe Ent Road in Franklin Twp. As the first units were going enroute, a back-up caller advised of a fire on Rake Factory Road on the Franklin/Raritan Twp border. Engine 91 arrived first and found a debris pile burning to the rear of a farm property. Two lines were deployed and the fire was knocked down in about 10 minutes. Additional units responding on the alarm were Brush 91, Tender 91-1 and Tender 91-2, Squad 91, Car 91-2 and both ambulances. Also NJFFS responded to the alarm as well as the Franklin Twp PD. All units were available in an hour.

Cook Books for Sale
Saturday, August 15, 2015 
Quakertown Fire Company is selling local history that can fill your belly! Recently, our crew uncovered some great cookbooks from the 1980s put together by the Ladies Auxilary. These books have over 100 pages of recipes submitted by many of the longtime families of the Quakertown and Pittstown area! We have a limited supply and are putting them up for sale. The books are $5 if you plan to pick-up at the fire station or $10 if you wish us to send it to you in the mail. Stop-by or send us a message and get them while they last.

QFC appoints two new EMS officers
Sunday, August 2, 2015 
Effective August 1st, the following appointments have been to made to the Division of EMS: EMS Capt-Matt Papenfuhs (Capt 915) EMS Lt-Brian Morris (Lt 915) Congrats to Matt and Brian on their new roles.

Tender 91-2 responds to North Brunswick
Wednesday, July 22, 2015 
At approximately 7AM, Tender 91-2 was requested as part of a Tender Strike Force to respond to a large warehouse fire in North Brunswick.  The Tender shuttled 66,000 gallons of water during the 12-hour deployment.  Tender 91-2 was back in quarters by 2030 hours.

During deployment, QFC  was alerted to 3 other calls (2 EMS and 1 Fire).

Four QFC Volunteers acheive their NJ EMT certificantions
Thursday, July 2, 2015 
Over the last two weeks, four QFC volunteers have achieved their NJ EMT certifications.  EMTs Kyle Straube, Kevin Richards, and Devin Strange attended EMT class as part of the first wave of students to go through the new Clinton First Aid and Rescue Squad program.  FF/EMT Matt Papenfuhs regained his EMT status after a short lapse. 

Congrats to these folks on helping to improve the service QFC provides to the communities in Hunterdon County.  If you looking to serve our community, click on the application section on this site or call 908-735-5220.

EMT Devin Strange
   EMT Devin Strange
EMT Kyle Straube
   EMT Kyle Straube
Large-Scale Training Exercise in Alexandria Twp
Tuesday, May 19, 2015 
On Monday night, QFC sponsored a large-scale water supply drill at the Lester D Wilson School in Alexandria Twp. Numerous companies participated and at the peak, the gallons per minute flowing reached around 1200 for approximately 20 minutes. Numerous lessons were learned and opportunities for improvement were discovered and working with our mutual aid partners is always valuable.
Units operating included Engine 91, Squad 91, Rescue 91, Tender 91-1, Tender 91-2, Special Ser...vice 91, Ambulance 91-51, Ambulance 91-52, Car 91-1, Car 91-2, Car 91-3, Tower 45 (Clinton), Engine 92 (Milford), Tender 92-2 (Milford), Tender 92-1(Milford), Engine 16-1 (Kingwood Twp), Tender 16-1 (Kingwood Twp), Tender 16-2 (Kingwood Twp), Engine 11-1 (Frenchtown), Tender 43 (Bloomsbury), Tender 47 (Sergeantsville) and the Hunterdon County Fire Coordinators
Thanks to all who participated!

Franklin Twp Fire District Job Posting
The Franklin Township Fire District No. 1 is seeking candidates for the Per Diem position of Firehouse Caretaker. Interested parties should forward their resumes to District Administrator Bill Crampton at the station or by email at wcrampton@quakertownfire.com  The job description is attached.

QFC Activites captured in Photos
Wednesday, April 22, 2015 
Here are some photos of QFC activities over the last 6 weeks! 

Squad 91 prepares to enter a home with high CO
   Squad 91 prepares to enter a home with
      high CO
Tender 91-2 operating at a large outdoor fire
   Tender 91-2 operating at a large outdoor
Rescue 91 responds on Box 42-13
Photo by Rich Maxwell
   Photo by Rich Maxwell
Friday, February 6, 2015 
Rescue 91 was dispatched as a Special Request on Box 42-13 for the reported fire on Mockingbird Lane in Bethlehem Twp (Hampton Fire-First Due).  Rescue 91 responded with 5 men and staged on Valley Road. Once determined that the fire was under control, Rescue relocated to the Hampton station.  19 SCBA bottles were refilled for Hampton and Glen Gardner Fire by the onboard cascade.  All units were available by 0430.

Air Temperatures were in the single digits and crews had to overcome a driveway covered in ice.

Busy Weekend to End the Month at QFC
Town of Clinton Fire
   Town of Clinton Fire
Monday, February 2, 2015 
The Company was busy this weekend answering alarms and attending our Annual Banquet.  Hare are a breakdown of activities:

Friday Afternoon- At 14:13, Engine 91 investigated a fire alarm at the South Ridge Church in Franklin Twp.  Alarm was accidental.

Friday Night-At 21:05, Rescue 91, Squad 91, Ambulance 91-51 and Car 91-2 responded to Croton Road in Franklin Twp for a car into a tree and then into a ditch.  One patient was entrapped and extricated.  The wind was gusting over 40 MPHs and Wind Chill was near 0 making the rescue more challenging.

Saturday Morning-At 10:10, Engine 91 responded to assist Clinton Fire Dept on a fire alarm at the Hunterdon Developmental Center in Union Twp.

Saturday Evening-At 17:41, Squad 14 (High Bridge) responded in place of Engine 91 to assist  Raritan Twp Fire on a reported house fire on Sand Hill Rd.  Assignment was recalled prior to arrival.

Saturday Night-At 18:00, over a 100 members, families and guests gather at the Sergeantsville Fire Company for the QFC Annual Banquet.  Squad 14 covered QFC on all calls from 18:00 to 07:00 and a good time was had by all.

Sunday Morning-At 10:44, Engine 91, Tender 91-2, Car 91-2 and Car 91-1 responded to assist Kingwood Twp Fire on a chimney fire on Rt 519 in Alexandria Twp.  Due to access issues, units staged on Maple Springs Road until released by command.

Sunday Morning-At 11:44, Engine 91, Tender 91-2 and Rescue 91 responded to assist Raritan Twp and Flemington Fire at a possible fire on Old Croton.  Units investigated for approx. 30 minutes before returning.

Sunday Evening-At 16:45 hours, Engine 91 and Car 91-2 responded to assist Clinton Fire on Water Street in the Town of Clinton on a house fire.  Initial CFD units knocked down a working kitchen fire limiting the damage.  Units operated for about 20 minutes.

Sunday Evening-At 18:30 hours, members gathered for Pizza and Wings and watched the Super Bowl. 

QFC assists on Rt 12 house fire
Saturday, January 10, 2015 
At 1:13 pm, QFC was alerted to Box 47-16 (Kingwood First-Due) for the reported fire on Rt 12 in Delaware Twp. Engine 91 arrived 2nd due and took the house driveway. Crews from QFC, Kingwood, Raritan Twp, Flemington-Raritan Rescue and Sergeantsville stretched and operated 4 lines to knock down the bulk of the fire within 15 minutes. Additional QFC units responded on the 2nd alarm as well to assist in clean-up in the 15 degree weather. All QFC units were available within 2 hours. Thanks to Squad 14 for covering our quarters.

Rescue and Engien head to Flemington for house fire
Saturday, January 3, 2015 
On Saturday morning around 11AM, Rescue 91 was dispatched on the 1st Alarm on Box 49-05 for the reported fire on Park Ave in Flemington Boro. Rescue 91 responded with 6 volunteers and performed vertical ventilation on the 2-story Duplex. ...Engine 91 with 6 volunteers also responded as a special call to the scene. A quick response by Squad 21 (Raritan Twp) and the teamwork of all the agencies onscene resulted in a fire that limited in size. This was QFC's first fire response of the year

QFC Year-end Stats
Thursday, January 1, 2015 
In December 2014, QFC responded to 34 incidents which required 23Division of FIRE responses and 16 Division of EMS responses. This brought the year-end total to 467 responses which QFC was alerted to. Thank you again to all who helped make 2014 a very successful year for the Quakertown Fire Company.

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